How Much Is a Queen Victoria Penny Worth?

As of 2014, the value of a Queen Victoria penny ranges from £1 for a coin in fine condition to more than £4,000 pounds for a rare issue in uncirculated condition, according to the British Coin Price Guide. The value of a Queen Victoria penny depends upon the year in which the penny was struck, the condition of the coin and the issue or markings on the penny.

A Queen Victoria penny in uncirculated condition, one that was not used as currency, is typically worth more than one that has sustained wear from use. Queen Victoria pennies were minted from 1839 to 1901. There are many different versions of the coin with unique mint markings. The coin features one of three different portraits, one of Queen Victoria as a young woman, another of her slightly older with her hair in a bun and a third of the Queen as a mature woman wearing a widow’s veil. The young Queen Victoria portrait coin was minted from 1839 to 1860. The bronze Queen Victoria bun penny was minted from 1860 to 1894. The veiled portrait penny was introduced in 1895. Rarities that typically increase the value of the penny include variances in the amount of leaves on the laurel wreath, die numbers under the date and H mint marks under the date.