How Much Are Princess Diana Dolls Worth?

Camera Eye Photography/CC-BY-2.0

The value of dolls modeled after the late Princess Diana vary due to their age, condition and designer. Though the value of the dolls had declined before her death, according to The Morning Call, certain types of dolls appreciated in value after Diana’s death.

Peggy Nisbet Princess Diana dolls have been very lucrative. One of the dolls featured Diana in her wedding gown and another in a turquoise silk dress holding baby Prince William after his birth. At the time of the article in 1998, the dolls were selling at $500 to $600 each. Prior to Diana’s death, the dolls averaged about $50 to $75 in value.

According to The Telegraph, on the other hand, Princess Diana Franklin Mint dolls have decreased in value. This is because of the fighting between the Franklin Mint and the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. The Franklin Mint created the dolls without the estate’s consent to use Diana’s image.