How Much Do You Have to Play to Letter in High School Football?

Erik Isakson/Blend Images/Getty Images

Requirements for earning a letter in high school football vary from school to school and are often compiled by the coaching staff or school officials. Common requirements include playing in a certain number of games or quarters and showing a commitment to the team.

Although each school’s requirements vary, a common requirement for earning a letter in high school football is playing in a certain amount of competitive play, such as 50 percent of quarters the team plays throughout the season. Some schools award letters to students who have proven their commitment to the team by attending all practices and team events even if they do not fulfil the competitive play requirement. Some schools take into consideration the academic performance and character of the individual athletes. Special circumstances are often made for injured athletes as well as student managers who show commitment to the team. For specific school requirements, students should contact the team’s coaching staff or consult the high school’s athletic website.