How Much Does a Pineapple Weigh?


Depending on the shape, size and variety of the fruit, pineapples can weigh between 1 to 10 pounds. The shape between two pineapples can vary because they develop as fruit fuses together. Pineapples also vary in color; their waxy outside coating can be dark green, orange-yellow, red or yellow.

The best way to see if a pineapple is ready for consumption is to smell it. Ripe pineapples release a very sweet aroma from the base. To smell this aroma, the pineapple must be at room temperature. Color is not a reliable way to tell if a pineapple is ripe because it could be a variety of colors. It is also recommended to choose a pineapple that feels heavy. This indicates that the pineapple contains a lot of pulp and juice. The pineapple should yield just slightly when it is pressed.

The origin of the pineapple is believed to have started in Southern Brazil and Paraguay because wild pineapples are known to grow there. The fruit later spread through the Americas and, in 1493, was brought back to Spain by Columbus. Sailors found that pineapple was a great way to protect against scurvy, so its popularity quickly grew around the world.