How Much Money Do You Win If You Have Two Numbers Plus the Powerball Correct?

According to the Multi-State Lottery Association on Powerball, the prize offered in the Powerball lottery game for two white balls plus the red Powerball is $7. This amount is multiplied for individuals who purchase PowerPlay tickets, which can increase all prizes by up to five times.

The exceptions to PowerPlay multipliers are prizes awarded for matching five white balls, which can only be increased to a maximum of $2,000,000; the jackpot cannot be multiplied, and it does not increase at all.

The Powerball lottery game offers up to nine different ways that prizes can be won. Matching at least the red ball, at least 3 white balls or any combination of red and white balls secures a prize. The odds of winning any prize at all is 1 in 31.85, according to the official Powerball website.

Smaller cash prizes can be claimed anywhere that Powerball tickets are sold, while larger prizes must be collected from state operated lottery offices. The exact dollar amount that can be claimed from retail locations varies based on individual state lottery laws. To determine specific prize collection rules, information can be located on each state’s official lottery website, or on state specific rules brochures offered at licensed lottery retail locations.

Powerball is not available to play in all states, as a state must first legalize a state lottery program and choose to participate in the Powerball game.