How Much Money Do You Start With in The Game of Life?

much-money-start-game-life Will Folsom/CC-BY-2.0

Each player begins The Game of Life with $10,000. The player who has collected the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

One player is chosen as the banker at the beginning of the game. The banker gives each player their starting $10,000. Players can take out loans of $20,000 at any time during their turn. Loans must be paid back with $5,000 interest.

The Game of Life was created in 1860 by Milton Bradley. The modern version of The Game of Life was created in 1960, and there have been several updated versions over the years with slight design and rule changes.

The Game of Life was designed for two to six players. Players choose a car and a peg, which represents a person, at the beginning of the game. Players start by choosing a career or going to college. Going to college requires the player to take out $40,000 in bank loans. Certain squares allow players to change their career or go to school later in the game. A variety of life events are simulated during the game, including marriage, children and home buying. The game ends when every player has retired. Players add the money from their Life tiles to the money they have collected.