How Much Money Do You Start with in The Game of Life?

Photo Courtesy: Darrell Goemaat/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service/Getty Images

The Game of LIFE is one of America’s earliest and most enduring board games. First introduced in 1860 by the Milton Bradley company, the game was originally called The Checkered Game of Life. Even in its early stages, the game we still play today had the same premise, with players moving around the board and passing through the different stages of life, including going to college or going straight to work, getting married, having children and eventually retiring — hopefully with a fortune in the bank. 

As with any board game, The Game of LIFE had specific rules that have changed somewhat over time, particularly with the introduction of special themed versions like the Pirates of the Caribbean edition. The basic version played today first appeared in 1960, 100 years after the initial introduction. Before you start to play The Game of LIFE, you need to learn the rules, set up the game and dole out some startup cash to each player. If you’ve lost your instructions, here’s the breakdown of how much money you start with as well as the other key rules of gameplay.