How Much Money Does a Marine Make?

MILpictures by Tom Weber/Stone/Getty Images

Marines, like other members of the U.S. Armed Forces, earn a monthly salary based on their time in service, rank, and special qualifications and duties. As of 2014, a new enlisted recruit makes $1531.50 per month, and a midshipman or ROTC candidate makes $1,017 monthly.

Marines who speak foreign languages or who are deployed receive additional pay. Certain specialties also pay bonuses on enlistment or annually. Military members may also receive allotments to pay for housing and other needs if they have dependents. Deployed military members enjoy a few other benefits, such as special pay and, while deployed to a war zone, relief from all federal taxes. Current military pay and special pay charts for all rates, ranks, and services can be found at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s website.