How Much Money Do You Hand Out in Monopoly City?

In the beginning of the game Monopoly City, all players start out with $37,700,000. This amount is divided up into six $5 million bills, six $1 million bills, two $500,000 bills, two $200,000 bills, two $100,000 bills, one $50,000 bill and five $10,000 bills.

Monopoly City was released in 2009 and received the honor of “Game of the Year” that same year at the 57th London Toy Fair. The game is very similar to the standard Monopoly game. The goal in both games is the same: to be the richest player at the end of the game. How players attain that goal, however, differs slightly between the two.

In standard Monopoly, players buy properties and build houses and to earn rent from their opponents. In Monopoly City, players also have the option to build industrial buildings, railroads, stadiums and skyscrapers. The Monopoly Tower is a building that a player can choose to build that doubles the rent in all districts he owns. Players can also build hazards on an opponent’s property which render all of the residential buildings on that property worthless. Choices are a power station, sewage plant, prison and rubbish dump. Bonus buildings include a school, wind farm, water tower or park. Hazards cannot be built on properties with bonus buildings.