How Much Money Do American Basketball Association (ABA) Players Make?

Different teams within the American Basketball Association, or ABA, depending on location and management, offer widely varying salaries for their players. However, as of 2015, most players can receive anywhere from $100 to $500 per game in a season with around 30 games.

The ABA began in 1967 and, after 10 seasons, merged four of their teams, the Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets and San Antonio Spurs, with the National Basketball Association. The ABA was known for its more “open” playing style, including entertaining aspects, such as slam dunks, three-point shots and an iconic red-white-and-blue ball. The ABA also established the first slam dunk competition, which has become a popular attraction within the world of basketball.

Although the new version of the ABA offers some players a small chance at bigger dreams, such as the NBA, a development league or an overseas team, most players do not enjoy the glamour and benefits of NBA players. This can be seen in the lack of transportation offered, most players must use their own means of public or private transportation to get to games, and the smaller, lesser-known venues where games are played, such as high school gymnasiums and local YMCAs. Another drawback of this relaxed league is the low pay. Most players are paid as little as $100 a game. Since most players hold other jobs and often have families, the ABA often caters to this lifestyle, such as scheduling games on the weekends and reducing the amount of travel involved.