How Much Are Hess Toy Trucks Worth?

Based on the age of the toy, its condition and its packaging, Hess toys can be priced from around $15 to nearly $2,500. The first Hess toy trucks were manufactured in 1964 and are among the rarest and most valuable.

Hess was the first company to manufacture toy trucks with working lights and sound, which adds to their value. Some of the most expensive Hess toys are the 1965 gasoline tanker, the 1966 Voyager tanker ship, the 1967 Mack gasoline truck and the 1969 Amerada Hess tanker. More than half of the worth is in the packaging. In order for a seller to sell a Hess truck for its full value, it must have no tears, marks or dented corners, and all elements must be present, including the cardboard truck holder and instructions.