How Much Foreign Aid the United States Gives Mexico


In 2018, the U.S. government will give Mexico $87,660,000 in foreign aid. The largest segment, 56 percent, will go toward peace and security. The second largest segment will go toward democracy, human rights and governance.

Who Funds the Aid

Within the United States, the majority of the planned 2018 aid will be implemented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The second largest contributor is the Department of Defense followed by the Department of State. The departments of Energy, Health and Human Services, Interior, Agriculture and the Peace Corps are also funding agencies that are part of this planned foreign assistance package.

Peace and Security Aid

The United States will give Mexico $48.66 million dollars to be used directly for peace and security within the country, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. The goal of this foreign assistance is to weaken transnational criminal organizations, reform legal institutions and create a modernized border greater for greater prosperity and security for both countries.

Drug Prevention

Eighty-six percent of this budget, or $42 million, has been earmarked for counter-narcotics. These funds will be used to combat the manufacturing and trafficking of narcotics and to reduce the cultivation and production of drugs. This money will also be used to create demand-reduction projects and limit the widespread effect of the drug trade across international borders.

Transnational Crime

The United States has apportioned four million dollars to address transnational crime in cooperation with Mexico. These crimes include corruption, human trafficking, money laundering, intellectual property law violations and cyber crime, which affect citizens on both sides of the border.


Security Sector Reform

One and a half million dollars will support security sector reform, including military and law enforcement sectors, for greater security. These funds will also be used for the maintenance of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations that are ongoing within the country.


Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Aid

Mexico will receive $39 million form the United States to promote democracy and human rights and to better govern, according to This foreign aid will help to address the root causes of unlawful migration from Central America and to promote transparency and integrity efforts under the Merida Initiative, states USAID.

Rule of Law and Governance

Twenty-four million dollars will go directly to help with rule of law and governance. These funds will be used to bring Mexico’s laws into compliance with all international laws and to ensure the system treats all individuals equally without regards to race, color, sex, language or religion. This money will also help to protect human rights such as freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and religious expression, notes PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.


Good Governance

Eleven and a half million dollars will be given to Mexico with the aim of creating good governance initiatives. This includes increasing transparency and opening participation to the public for oversight. This money will also go to ensure separation of powers with checks and balances for all governmental institutions. Funds will be used to combat government corruption and to make electoral processes more transparent, according to USAID.


Civil Society

The United States will give Mexico three and a half million dollars in 2018 to use directly in civil society. This money will help foster a political culture that revolves around democratic principles, which include values of civic engagement, human rights and free speech. The Department of State and USAID will work with Mexico to set up and support youth movements, religious organizations and think tanks, as stated by USAID.