How Much Does a Ford F-250 Weigh?

A basic two-wheel drive model of the Ford F-250 with a regular cab weighs 5,648 pounds. The four-wheel drive model weighs 6,114 pounds.

The weight of the F-250 varies depending upon the type of cab and length of bed. A 2-wheel drive SuperCab with a 6.75-foot bed weighs 5,841 pounds, while the four-wheel drive version is 6,299 pounds. Comparable weights for an 8-foot bed are 5,987 and 6,447 pounds, respectively. The 2-wheel drive Crew Cab with the smaller bed is 6,059 pounds, and its four-wheel drive counterpart weighs 6,059 pounds. A Crew Cab with an 8-foot bed weighs 6,210 pounds with two-wheel drive and 6,682 pounds for the 4×4 version.