How Much Dry Pasta Should You Use Per Person?

Angelika Schwarz/E+/Getty Images

An individual serving of pasta is 2 ounces. Depending on the type of pasta, the amount of dry pasta is measured differently. Long pastas, such as angel hair and spaghetti, are measured by the diameter of a bundle of the noodles, while small shaped pastas can be measured using standard measuring cups.

For one serving of spaghetti, angel hair or fettuccine, use a bundle of dried pasta that measures 2/3 inch in diameter. A single serving of bowties, corkscrew, fusilli, mostaccioli, rigatoni, rotelli, rotini and penne noodles is 3/4 cup, while a single serving of ziti and macaroni noodles is 2/3 cup. Egg noodles, which are bulkier when dried, are measured at 1 cup per serving of the dried noodles. One serving of elbow noodles is a 1/2 cup, and one serving of jumbo shell noodles is six shells.

When cooked, the serving size of most types of noodles is equal to about 1 cup of noodles. Most types of noodles have a cooked weight that is two to three times greater than the dry weight of the noodles. Cooking time for noodles varies from four to 14 minutes, depending on both the shape of the noodle and its ingredients.