How Much Did the Wedding of Beyonce and Jay Z Cost?

WireImage/WireImage/Getty Images

Because Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wedding was an extremely private affair and never officially announced to the media, many of the details about the wedding’s exact cost remain unknown. However, several lavish items reportedly cost $500,000 each.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wedding occurred in April 2008. The artists chose not to publicize their wedding and invited a relatively small number of people to attend. However, three years later Beyonce included footage of her wedding dress, valued at around $500,000, in a music video. The wedding party also featured a marquee specially created and flown from Thailand to Jay-Z’s penthouse apartment at a similar cost of $500,000. Because the wedding itself featured around 40 guests and the reception only 200, information about the exact details of the event are scarce.