How Much Did Things Cost in 1964?

In 1964, milk cost between 93 cents and $1.06, bread cost about 21 cents and a ticket to the movies cost up to $1.25. Approximately $13 during the same year would have had the same amount of spending power of about $100 in 2014 after accounting for inflation.

Beatlemania was taking the world by storm in 1964, the year The Beatles first visited the U.S. The Beatles’ album “A Hard Day’s Night” was released in 1964 and cost $5.98. In contrast, an album in 2014 costs $15 or more. A theater ticket on Broadway would have cost $10 in the mid-’60s; however, for comparison, in 2014 tickets can cost up to $180 on a Friday or Saturday night.

An apartment in Manhattan near Washington Square Park would have cost around $250 per month. However, the same apartment would cost $4,500 per month in 2014. The first color television was released in 1964. It was 26-inches in size and cost $379, the equivalent of $2,849 in 2014. The Ford Mustang was first available in 1964 and had a starting price of $2,320; as of 2014, it costs more than $22,000. The average new house back in 1964 cost $13,050 while two cans of Coca-Cola cost about 27 cents, but 50 years later the price increased to $1.00 each.