How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Driver’s Side Window on a Car?

-Oxford-/E+/Getty Images

It costs $150 to $200 on average to replace the driver’s side window of a car. However, this depends on the car’s make, type and year. This figure is the cost of buying a new window and for installation labor. However, if the car owner can do the repair job, he or she can buy glass from a junkyard for as low as $50.

In addition, buying a brand new window and fixing it by oneself can save money. To replace the window, one only needs a couple of screwdrivers, trim stick, hex wrench and a cloth rag. The first step is disconnecting the battery to avoid shorting any electrical fixtures, especially if it is an automatic window. Next, disconnect the window controls by removing the trim cover and window control panel. Before using the screwdriver, it is advisable use some oil to lubricate the screws. This makes the screws easier to unscrew and avoids breaking them. The broken glass is then carefully removed from the watershield and the protective plate. After placing the replacement glass, one should reattach the regulator and connect the battery to test the window. If it is working properly, the trim cover and control panel are replaced.