How Much Does a Cortisone Shot Cost?


According to CostHelper, the cost of a cortisone injection ranges between $25 and $300, depending on the area of injection on the body, the city and state in which the injection is administered and whether or not the patient has health insurance. The cost of a cortisone injection is additional to the base cost of a patient’s visit to a physician. Additional expenses, such as pain relievers, may be necessary.

CostHelper states that cortisone injections intended to treat small sites, such as acne cysts, are cheaper than injections used for larger inflamed areas, such as joints. Dermatological cortisone injections range from $25 to $100 without insurance, while medical cortisone injections for issues such as arthritis and bursitis range between $100 and $300 per injection.

CostHelper advises that some insurance plans may not cover the cost of a cortisone injection if it is deemed medically unnecessary. For patients that do not have insurance, some medical practitioners and hospitals are willing to reduce their fees and administer a percentage discount on visits and medical treatments. In some areas, CostHelper states that this discount can be as much as 50 percent when combined with additional discounts for cash payments or payments made within 10 days of a bill’s date of issuance.