How Much Does Copper Wire Weigh?

Jeff Smith/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The weight of copper wire can be anywhere between 640.50 and 0.03 pounds per thousand feet. The weight varies widely depending on the gauge, or width of the cross section, of the wire. Since gauges are standardized, all wires of the same gauge and length have the same weight.

The widest gauge of wire is labeled 0000 and is 0.46 inches in diameter. At 640.5 pounds, it weighs 132.6 pounds more per thousand feet than the next largest gauge, 000 wire. The smallest gauge is 40, which weighs 0.008 pounds less per thousand feet than the next largest gauge. These weights are for solid, individual strands of copper wire. Wire is often bundled together in cables, especially wires with gauges above 14.