How Much Does a Chevy S10 Weigh?

The weight of a Chevrolet S10 pickup truck varies depending on the specific model. The 2003 S10, for instance, has a curb weight of 3,016 pounds. Weight and weight limits for other models can be found in the owners manual or directly from the manufacturer.

While curb weight refers only to the vehicle’s weight with standard equipment, it does take into consideration the weight of fluids and fuel. Additional weight is added with new equipment, such as tow bars and camper shells. When adding weight, it is important to consider the manufacturer specifications, which state that the total gross weight of the 2003 Chevy S10 should not exceed 4,200 pounds, including any additional equipment or loads. This also includes any weight that the truck may be towing on a trailer or passengers inside the cab of the pickup truck.

While load weight limits vary from state to state, the manufacturer places its own load limit on the vehicle, meaning that the truck should not tow any more than that specified amount. For the 2003 Chevy S10, that limit is 1,184 pounds. These weight limits serve a couple of different purposes. First, trucks carrying heavier loads are considered more detrimental to road maintenance. Also, heavier vehicles take a longer distance to come to a complete stop, so the limit is a safety issue as well.