How Much Does a Car Engine Weigh?

Getty Images Europe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The average car engine (not including the transmission) weighs around 350 pounds, or 158 kilograms. To give an example of typical weights, a small car engine and transmission weighs around 333 pounds (151 kilograms) anda large car engine with transmission weighs around 600 pounds (272 kilograms).

Depending on the materials used, the number of cylinders the engine has and the volume of the engine, production car engines can weigh up to 1,000 pounds (432 kilograms). The engine in a Formula 1 racing car is very powerful, but it is also one of the lightest in the world, weighing in at a mere 209 pounds, or 94 kilograms. Car engines are relatively small compared to the other types; for example, a large ship engine can weigh up to 4.6 million pounds, or 2,300 tons.