How Much Can a Notary Public Charge in New York?

The maximum amount of money that a Notary Public can charge for his services in the state of New York is $2. However, many Notary Publics opt to provide their services for free. For instance, many banks employ Notary Publics who notarize items without a charge.

In order to become a Notary Public, an applicant must pay a $60 fee, and he must take an examination. He also must be a citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States, and to notarize documents in New York, he must also be a resident of New York.

Once registered as a Notary Public, his term is good for four years. At the end of that term, he must register again and pay another $60 fee. In order to recoup the $60 registration fee, a notary public would need to do 30 jobs per year and charge $2 per job.

If someone pretends to be a Notary Public, that may invalidate the document being notarized. If that happens, the person who owns the document should contact an attorney. It may also be useful to contact the New York Division of Licensing Services if someone is pretending to be a Notary Public.