How Much Calcium Is in a Glass of Milk?

Benjamin Horn/CC-BY 2.0

A glass of milk contains approximately 300 milligrams of calcium. However, this amount can vary depending on the type of milk in question. Fresh milk, ice milk, yogurt, soy milk or other types of milk contain varying amounts of calcium.

There are a number of milk products that have varied levels of calcium content in them. Buttermilk might have more fat content but be low on calcium. The amount of calcium present in a glass of milk will depend on what type of milk is in the glass, as well as how large the glass is.

For instance, buttermilk has 300 mg calcium content for a 250 milliliter glass. Dry milk or milk powder has 270 mg calcium levels, whereas plain yogurt has 332 mg in it. Milk is also used in processing other types of foods. As such, these foods also contain a certain degree of calcium content. It might, however, be difficult to determine the amount of calcium in these foods.

Calcium levels can vary from 250 mg to 320 mg from one food product to another. Feta cheese has 254 mg of calcium while chocolate milk has 300 mg. Partly-skimmed Mozzarella cheese has high levels of calcium at 366 mg.