How Much Do Buddy the Cake Boss Wedding Cakes Cost?

Rexness/CC-BY-SA 2.0

As of August 2014, Carlo’s Bakery, featured on the reality show Cake Boss, does not make the price list for wedding cakes public. In order to receive a quote on a wedding cake, a customer is directed to contact Carlo’s Bakery by phone or online and schedule a cake consultation. Typically, the cost of custom-made wedding cakes varies depending on cake ingredients, client requests and the amount of labor involved.

People interested in ordering a wedding cake or other specialty cake from Carlo’s Bakery can visit the Carlo’s Bakery online cake gallery. The gallery displays photos of tiered wedding cakes and special occasion cakes. Each cake design is numbered to make it easier to order a similar cake. During the consultation, customers may request additional custom features for an existing design or request a unique design. The cake gallery also features photos of whimsical cakes to suit a variety of occasions. Customers visiting Carlo’s Bakery can purchase pre-made decorative cakes to take home.

Carlo’s Bakery is a popular tourist destination in New Jersey, New York City and Las Vegas due to its head baker, Buddy Valastro. He is a fourth-generation baker who, with the help of his family, has successfully expanded his family business.