How Much Alcohol Is in a Mini Bottle?

Bill Boch/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Mini bottles of alcohol typically contain 50 milliliters of fluid. The bottles are designed for single servings and in addition to being available in stores are often found in hotels, on airplanes, on trains and online.

Miniature bottles, called mini bottles or nips, most often contain alcohol, liqueur or other beverages. The amount of liquid in mini bottles is usually measured in milliliters, but may be measured in ounces as well. The most frequently identified amount is 50 ml, which is equivalent to 1.7 ounces. Mini bottles are typically considered an individual serving size and hold .2 oz. more than a standard shot.

The small size of the bottles make them useful for recipes that require a small amount of alcohol or as samplers when buying a large bottle would be potentially wasteful. Further, the bottles can be purchased in sets. Some mini bottle sets contain the same type of beverage and, as such, allow for comparative tasting. The sets are also convenient for gift giving or for use during parties to allow hosts to offer a wider selection. Some mini bottle sets are appropriate for collecting as well and include specialty glasses or other items in a specially designed package.