How Much Is 1847 Rogers Brothers’ “First Love” Silver Worth?

Replacements Ltd., as of June 2014, lists the 1847 Rogers Brothers silverware pattern “First Love,” made of an electroplated silver, at prices from $6.99 for a teaspoon to $23.99 for a salad fork. Prices vary according to location and the number of pieces in a collection.

Replacements Ltd. states that 1847 Rogers Brothers “First Love” was manufactured from 1937 to 1973. In 1847, the Rogers Brothers were the first to perfect the silver-plating process and introduced the first plated silverware pattern. Shortly thereafter Rogers Brothers helped create a silverware cartel made up of America’s 14 greatest silver manufacturers, which eventually became the International Silver corporation in 1898. International Silver patterns, many still inscribed with the original Rogers Brothers name, remain highly popular.