What Is Mu in Statistics?

In statistics, Mu stands for the mean of a series of numbers. The mean can also be described as the average of the numbers.

To reach the solution to Mu, the mean or the average, the numbers should be added together and then divided by the amount of numbers there are in a series. For example, if the series of numbers is 12, 64, 13 and 83, the numbers would be added together to reach the total of 172. This number should then be divided by 4 since there are four numbers in the sequence. The mean of these numbers is equal to 43.

In mathematical applications, it is not unusual for a question to ask a student to find the mean, the median, the range and the mode of a series of numbers. In order to find the median, the range and the mode of the numbers, the mean needs to be used. Students should always find the mean first to ensure that they are able to properly identify the rest of the series. The median, range and mode can often be found by simply looking at the series of numbers and the order that they appear in.