What Are Some Mr. Clean Mop Instructions?

Mr. Clean mops are used to clean areas with a spill or stain, first by being soaked in water, and then dragged on the affected area; however, specific usage instructions vary for each mop. Mr. Clean’s sponge mops have a built-in wringer, while the traditional cotton mops must be wrung out by hand or with a bucket. Mr. Clean mops don’t damage hardwood floors, even if the floor isn’t protected with wax.

Replaceable mop heads are available for sponge mops on the Mr. Clean website. They are installed by unscrewing or pulling away the head from the paddle and attaching a replacement head. Mr. Clean sells replacement heads for both traditional cotton mops as well as sponge mops.

To replace the mop head on the Mr.Clean Super Mop, grasp the pin under the mop’s head, and push onto the pointed head of the pin. Lift the mop connector upward while pulling the grip downwards, and slide the mop assembly downward, away from the handle. Insert the handle into the new mop head, return the connector, and push the pin back into the hole.

To replace the head on a Mr. Clean roller mop, push the lever near the mop head downward to release the sponge, and remove it from the metal bar. Align the new sponge into the metal bar, and pull the lever back up to the top to lock the mop head into place.