What Is MPV in a Blood Test?

Sta-gur Karlsson/E+/Getty Images

The abbreviation “MPV” stands for “mean platelet volume,” according to Lab Tests Online. It is a measurement of the size of the platelets in a persons’ blood and is represented as an average.

Another common abbreviation is “PDW,” which stands for “platelet distribution width.” Like MPV, it is a calculation of the size of a person’s platelets. However, unlike MPV, PDW measures how much platelets differ in size. If either of these numbers is out of the ordinary, a doctor may ask for more blood work because it can indicate a problem. For instance, if the MPV is too low, it could mean that the bone marrow is not producing at a high enough rate because small platelets indicate they have been in the system longer, according to Lab Tests Online. Therefore, it could indicate a disease that affects the bone marrow. However, patients should always consult their doctors before jumping to conclusions.