How Do You Find a Movie Using a Description of the Movie?

Visit to do an advanced search to find a movie based on just a few details. The site allows users to search its database of 3,367,748 titles and 6,636,954 names, as of December 2015, based on actors in the film or keywords. Visitors can search for keywords in plot summaries and soundtracks to locate movies., the Internet Movie Database, may be the best place to start because it provides information such as plot summaries, film reviews and movie trailers for millions of movies. People can search for films based on plot information, movie quotes and the filming location.

If someone is searching for the title of a newer movie by description, he can consult the arts sections of the New York Times online. There are brief descriptions and full reviews listed for a number of newer films.

Another way to find newer films by description is to consult a local theater. People can call in with inquiries regarding the descriptions of titles currently showing at the theater or simply visit the theater’s website. has an archive of classic and older films that are only searchable for premium subscribers. Additionally, the website offers interviews and information about films and actors.