How Do You Mount a Rhode Gear Bike Rack?

To mount a Rhode Gear bike rack, hold the rack against the back of your vehicle, and adjust the frames until they match the size of your vehicle. Position and attach the hooks, and tighten the straps connected to the hooks.

  1. Secure the frames to the trunk

    Unscrew the adjustment knob on the frames, usually yellow in color, to release the lever holding the frames in place. Place the rack against the back of the vehicle so that the lower frame is seated atop the license plate. Adjust each frame until it matches the size of the vehicle, and re-tighten the adjustment knob to secure the rack.

  2. Attach the hooks and straps

    Secure one set of hooks to the top of the trunk, and pull the straps down to attach the second set of hooks to the bottom of the trunk. Pull the remaining two straps to either side, and attach the hooks to either side of the trunk. Ensure that the straps do not rest near the exhaust pipe or against sharp edges that could potentially cut or snap them.

  3. Secure the rack to the vehicle

    Release one of the hub levers, and position each carrier arm accordingly. Wiggle the rack in various places to ensure that it is secure.