What Are Some Motivational Bible Quotes?

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One inspirational Bible quote is in Romans 8:38-39, which describes how no powers in heaven or on Earth are sufficient separate Christians from the love of God that they can access through their belief in Jesus. Because the verse also specifies that “nothing else in all creation” can force this separate, it helps believers to know that they cannot cut themselves off from the love of God through sin.

Another inspirational Bible quote is in Second Corinthians 4:16-18, which focuses on the renewal of a Christian’s “inner self” even during times of great struggle that may affect the external body. The verse also encourages believers not to focus on the suffering they can see but to focus instead on the unseen glory of eternal life. This verse offers comfort to those living in areas where they are at mortal risk for openly expressing their beliefs. It also offers comfort to Christians who are aging, as they can focus less on their physical reality and more on their spiritual future.

A similar inspirational Bible quote is in Hebrews 13:5c-6, in which God promises to never forsake man and to always help him, so that the believer has no fear. This helps inspire those who feel as if they are alone with their struggle because it reminds them that God is always on their side.