What Does a Mosquito Bite Look Like?

HAYKIRDI/E+/Getty Images

A mosquito bite is generally round or oval, and can be anywhere from a light pink to a light red. Some mosquito bites have a physical hole in the middle where the mosquito entered the skin. A mosquito bite is generally itchy and can have a small rash around, especially when it is rubbed or scratched.

Unlike some other parasitic animals, mosquito bites are generally harmless. They may cause a great amount of discomfort and can be particularly annoying, but are not known to cause any serious illnesses on their own. Mosquitoes, however, are able to carry the West Nile virus. This can be transmitted from a mosquito to a human when the mosquito bites the human. This disease is somewhat rare and only around 1 percent of mosquitoes in areas where the virus is at will carry the virus, according to Everyday Health. The virus can cause fever, chills, rashes and can lead to stiffness in the neck and convulsions. The West Nile virus is a treatable condition when it is caught in the early stages.

Mosquitoes, like most insects, will stay away from certain types of repellent. People who have mosquitoes in the area that carry West Nile virus should be sure to always use insect repellent that is targeted at keeping mosquitoes away.