What Is the Mortality Rate for Cardiac Catheterization?

The mortality rate for patients who undergo cardiac catheterization is approximately 0.08 percent, according to CardioCenterCy.com. Patients who are less than 1 or over 60 years old are at the highest risk of procedure-related death.

The risk of developing major complications as a result of cardiac catheterization is less than 2 percent, claims CardioCenterCy.com. Major complications such as cardiomyopathy, severe hypertension and congestive heart failure are only fatal in 0.08 percent of the patients who undergo the procedure. Patients with poor left ventricular function and a severe narrowing of the left coronary artery have an increased risk of death. Patients with renal and pulmonary insufficiency, valvular heart disease and diabetes mellitus are also at an increased risk of death.