What Is the Moral of Charlotte’s Web?

Glorius Gaduang/CC-BY-2.0

The moral of Charlotte’s Web focuses on the beauty and love of friendship as well as the importance of choosing a true friend or a real friend. With the friendship theme comes loyalty.

Charlotte is a true friend to Wilbur and works very hard to save his life. She creates new words every day in her web that describe Wilbur and talks to him when he is sad. She doesn’t ask for Wilbur to give her anything in return for her kindness. Charlotte is kind simply because she is Wilbur’s friend.

After Charlotte dies in the book, Wilbur takes care of her babies. Charlotte can no longer help Wilbur, but he still wants to help her because of his loyalty to his friend. This book is especially important for young children who often have a difficult time understanding what makes a person a good friend. The friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur illustrates a positive, powerful, loving and true friendship for children.

When reading to young children, the teacher or parent should ask the child to think about his or her own personal connections and friendships. This can help the child to make connections between the story and his or her real life leading to deeper friendships.