What Is Mopier Mode?

Mopier refers to a type of mode that computer printers may be switched on to that only allows them to print one copy of a document at a time. This mode must be disabled if someone wants to print multiple copies of a document. Fortunately, disabling the mopier mode is fairly simple and involves just a couple of easy steps.

To disable the mopier mode, the user should first go to their start button, which is usually located at the lower half of the screen. They should then click the “devices and printers option,” making sure to right click on the printer that they are currently using. They then need to click “printer properties.” This will bring up the properties menu. Within the menu, there should be a tab called “device settings.” This tab should display a menu of various items. The user should then scroll down the bottom of the item list and find “installable options.” The user may then have to expand this category to find the “mopier mode” item. They then can disable the mopier mode.

This is a useful technique because some printers may have their mopier mode on by default. This mode must be disabled if the user wishes to print multiple copies of a particular document without having to use the print command over and over again.