What Is the Mood of the Poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou?

The mood of “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou is upbeat, optimistic and happy. The mood is celebratory, extolling the virtues and success of a woman with a large body. The large female is identified as the phenomenal woman.

“Phenomenal Woman” is somewhat autobiographical. Maya Angelou herself is not a small woman. The poet maintains that the poem is a matter of her true self expression, and that this honest self expression represents the very heart and soul of a successful personality.

“Phenomenal Woman” is written like a song, and it is intended to be spoken and performed on stage. According to Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman” is one of the pieces that she shares and performs during public appearances with regularity.

The language selected by Angelou for the poem is designed to fit well with the optimistic, happy and celebratory mood of the work. The words chosen by the poet, are energetic, positive and direct. The poem is filled with an abundance of easy to understand, one-syllable words, which heightens the celebratory nature of the piece by design. The upbeat mood of the poem is underscored by the frequent use of the word “phenomenal” in reference to women of a large physical size.