Who Is Mona Brown?

Mona Brown, age 62 as of 2015, plays Nadine, a character on the television program, “Larry’s Country Diner,” which airs on RFD TV, a cable network serving rural America. Brown, who is married to an optometrist, Dave Brown, originally performed as Nadine at her church, where Larry Black, the creator of “Larry’s Country Diner,” is also a member. In character as Nadine, Brown would greet and gossip with fellow church members as they arrived for the yearly Valentine’s Banquet.

Mona Brown reports finding her inspiration for Nadine from growing up as a minister’s daughter. According to Brown, she developed the character by combining the personalities of different ladies she met at her father’s church as well as her own aunts.

She performs as Nadine on the television show as well as on “Larry’s Country Diner” cruises while accompanied by her husband, who in Nadine’s life, is known as Homer. Mona and the “Larry’s Country Diner” crew also tours the country, presenting live shows in Branson, Missouri, and other middle-America locations. A Nadine dessert cookbook, Nadine CDs and DVDs, and a book of Nadine’s favorite church signs are available for purchase at NadineNadine.com.

Mona Brown is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 prior to joining the Diner cast when the show debuted in 2009.