What Does Mold Smell Like?

Peter Dazeley/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

Mold has a musty odor that is indistinguishable from any other smell. Some types of mold, such as those on rotten foods, have the typical foul odor of rotten eggs. Other mold, like black mold, smells very musty, similar to a basement that is not properly aired.

The musty smell of mold comes from the microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC) it produces. Some of these gases have a strong musty odor, which is released into the home when mold grows. Mold can be in the floors, walls, ceiling and in heating or ventilation systems. Mold that is not cleaned up properly can lead to a variety of negative health effects, including joint pain and inflammation, depression, migraines, sinus infections, problems breathing and digestive issues.