What Is Modern Liberalism?

Glenn Asakawa/Getty Images

Modern liberalism focuses around the use of the state for the benefit of society as a whole. It is generally associated with social welfare programs and a variety of other means that are used to support society through the use of programs.

Humanitarian wars are also commonly associated with modern liberalism; these wars are fought with words, unlike other wars. They are intended to help support the people who cannot support themselves and to stand up for the rights of people to use the state to their benefits. Modern liberals are also fond of the idea of mixed economies; they believe that there should be less definitive class separation and that there should be a strong mixture of people from different backgrounds combined together in an economical society.

Unlike traditional liberalism, there is a certain element of tyranny within the modern liberal movement. In the past, liberalism was used to literally liberate people from the rule of kings and tyrants. Modern liberalism is now imposing its beliefs onto people who are not interested in focusing their lives around how their state can help them; it is a forced movement that is functioning more like a tyranny than any other liberal beliefs have ever done.