What Mobile Phone Carriers Does the Jitterbug Phone Work With?

Jitterbug phones operate on the Verizon mobile network as of April 2015. This combines the simplicity of the phones with the widespread service and functionality of Verizon’s network.

According to a 2009 article on Verizon Wireless’s website, the company teamed up with the creators of the Jitterbug phone through Verizon’s open development program to bring further benefits to Jitterbug customers by providing them with a large-scale, reliable network.

GreatCall, the creator company of the Jitterbug phone, provides more details about its phone services on its website. Though the phones do function through Verizon’s wireless network, the functionality of the phones maintain their simplicity compared to mainstream devices. The services offered by Jitterbug devices aim to assist elderly customers who may need more help using their devices than others.

The website discusses the Jitterbug’s 5 Star service, which enables users of the devices to press one button to contact medical alert agents, who are able to provide assistance and find a user’s location to send emergency services if needed.

GreatCall’s website also details the plans available for its phones, with options ranging from 50 monthly minutes for $5 to unlimited talk and text capabilities for $40. Text plans are also available separate from minutes, ranging from 300 texts for $3 to 2,500 texts for $15.