What Mixes Well With Brandy?

Brandy mixes well with other types of alcohol, fruit juices, dairy products, sodas, liqueurs and wine. Brandy is a distilled wine and is a spirit that contains anywhere from 35 to 60 percent alcohol, which translates to 70 to 120 proof.

There are hundreds of different drink combinations that use brandy as the main ingredient:

  • Frozen Brandy Alexander, which is a mixture of brandy blended with creme de cacao and vanilla ice cream
  • Brandy Cocktail, which is brandy mixed with angostura bitters and orange curacao
  • Brandy Daisy, a sweet and tart drink with brandy, grenadine, lemon juice and superfine sugar
  • B&B, a simple drink that combines brandy and benedictine
  • Sidecar, similar to a margarita, consists of brandy mixed with lemon juice and triple sec
  • Scorpion, a drink with sting that has brandy, dark rum, white rum, lime juice, orange juice, orgeat syrup and gomme syrup