Where Do I Find a Mini Monster Energy Drink Fridge?

Monster Energy is the brand name of a line of energy drinks designed for active people. As a competitor to Red Bull, the company branded itself as an alternative to soda, coffee and other drinks containing a high amount of caffeine. Fans of the drink can store their cans in a Monster Energy mini fridge.

The Monster Energy drink mini fridge is a small refrigerator that sits on top of a counter and uses an AC power cord plugged into an outlet to keep the drinks stored inside cold. Some of the devices currently available for sale come from retail stores and shops that went out of business or no longer have the need or space for a fridge. The company also released a few versions as promotional items that were part of a contest. The Kyle Lonza fridge was the grand prize for a 2011 contest, and it featured a special paint job done by Lonza himself. Those looking for a mini fridge can find them available for sale online. The auction website eBay often has a variety of Monster Energy fridges for sale, and shoppers can also find the refrigerators for sale through online classified ads, including Craigslist and Yow Cow.