What Is Milor Italy?

Milor Italy is the name of a prominent jewelry manufacturer headquartered in Milan, Italy, whose gold and silver bracelets and necklaces are sold prominently though the QVC shopping network. The company offers jewelry in silver and gold, as well as in 18-carat gold-plated silver, bronze, stainless steel, crystal, gemstones, zirconia and platinum. It is one of the largest jewelry suppliers for QVC, and it also operates its own e-commerce website.

The majority of Milor Italy necklaces and bracelets available through QVC are 14-carat gold. Milor rings sold through other retailers have varying compositions of gold and silver. Markings of “Milor Italy” accompanied by a number give an indication of the metal composition. For example, a marking of 925 indicates that it is primarily sterling silver, even if the piece is then plated with a layer of gold. Both gold and silver are identified by numbers, and 925 is a marking for silver rather than gold. A piece composed of 18-carat gold has a rating of 750, which is 75 percent pure gold. The Milor company has been in business for more than 30 years, with an expanding line of brands that include Etrusca, Modora, Vicence, Blanca, Mylira and Bella Vita.