What Is Milo Used For?

Milo, also called grain sorghum, has uses that include being a food product for humans and livestock feed grain. The feed grain is mainly for poultry and cattle in the United States.

Milo is indigenous to Africa, and its usage dates back 4,000 years to Egypt. It is a major cereal in Africa, which produces approximately 20 million tons annually. It is a cereal grass that does well in warm climates, grows upright and is suitable for different types of soils.

Humans utilize milo as a food product. A person can cook milo and serve it as a porridge or bake it to produce a flatbread. Cooks can substitute milo in recipes that require wheat flour.

Countries such as Mexico, the United States, China and India produce this crop. In the United States, this cereal grass grows mainly in the Great Plains, California and Arizona.