What Does Middle Right Back Pain Indicate?

Middle right back pain can be caused by several factors that include poor posture, strained muscles, herniated discs and fractured vertebrae, according to WebMD. Middle back pain can also be due to medical conditions such as infections and certain cancers.

Middle back pain is not as common as lower back pain, due to the fact that the upper back bones are not as malleable as those in the lower back, according to the U.K. National Health Service. Middle back pain ranges from dull to sharp and may also be present in the muscles. It is important for individuals to consult with a physician immediately if middle back pain symptoms are accompanied by muscle weakness or numbness of the arms or legs.

Middle back pain that stems from a pinched nerve can cause loss of bladder control, according to HealthGrades. Middle back pain due to arthritic conditions may also cause pain in the joints. Individuals with fibromyalgia who suffer from middle back pain may also experience sleeping difficulties and tiredness. In certain cases, middle back pain may indicate cauda equina syndrome, a serious condition caused by compression of the lower back nerves, which can lead to paralysis. Additional symptoms that may accompany middle back pain and require immediate medical attention include chest pain, breathing difficulties and jaw pain.