What Does a Microwave Trim Kit Do?

A microwave trim kit covers the gaps left when an over-the-counter or over-the-range microwave is too small for the cabinet opening. The trim kit is both functional and decorative, both qualities needed to give the installation a professional look.

Kits include ventilation vents, which help circulate airflow. Microwaves pull air from the surrounding area and use it in one of two ways. A ventilated microwave has an adaptor on the back that connects to duct work. The hot air is directed to the outside. A re-circulating microwave uses filters and re-circulates the air in and out of the device. Both need vents to prevent overheating.

Trim kits come in a range of sizes to accommodate the various microwave designs. If possible, consumers should put the microwave in place and measure the gap spaces before purchasing a kit. Most microwave manufacturers provide a part number, making it easier to pick up the right kit at a local hardware or home improvement store. This is how one can make sure the kit has the right type of vents.

Microwave trim kits usually come in black, white and stainless steel. Consumers can place custom orders for other colors. Using additional trim that matches the cabinets, especially on over-the-range installations, is also an option.