Which Microwave Ovens Are Made in the U.S.?

Viking is an American company that manufactures microwaves within the United States. Whirlpool, also an American company, manufactures built-in microwaves in Oxford, Mississippi, and Maytag, a subsidiary of Whirlpool, manufactures countertop models under the Magic Chef name in the United States.

When shopping, consumers can find the product’s country of origin specified on the box or label. The Federal Trade Commission has strict rules that regulate the identification of a product’s origin.

A product labeled “Made in the USA” or products labeled with less specific things, such as “Our products are made in America” must have proof that virtually all the parts were produced in the United States and assembled there. Products made with imported parts and assembled in the United States have a label that specifies this, such as “Assembled in America.” Conversely, if a product’s origin is overseas, it must be labeled with the country of origin, such as “Made in China”.

Some companies do attempt to circumvent the laws by using misleading labels, such as “Designed in the USA” or “Made in the USA with imported parts.” If looking for a truly American-made product, make sure that the label is absolutely clear about its point of manufacture.