What Is a Microwave Inverter?

Microwave inverters power microwave ovens using a power supply with an inverter instead of a magnetic coil or transformer. This device is more powerful and efficient than the older styles.

The brand Panasonic uses inverter microwaves more often, and it was among the first to use this technology. The inverter in the new microwaves helps modulate the amount of energy that the microwave emits. It allows newer microwaves to achieve more consistent and even cooks. Older microwaves that don’t have an inverter had no way to keep the magnetron, which cooks the food in your microwave, from overcooking because it function at only full blast. Even setting the power to 50 percent on older microwaves only turns them off half the time while cooking the other half. Microwave inverters allow microwaves to be smaller and lighter. Inverter microwaves are efficient enough that many of them have presets for common foods like popcorn, beverages, meat and basic defrost. These type of microwaves also tend to cook things faster due to their increase efficiency and power. For example, older microwaves often took three minutes to cook popcorn, the inverter microwave can do it in a minute and a half. These types of microwaves are a better fit for actually cooking food.