What Are Some Features of Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is a program that allows multiple users to collaborate on documents, drawings, and audio commentaries. Users can include typed or handwritten notes and screen clippings. Collaborations can then be shared online or through a home or office network. OneNote is available as a standalone program or as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft OneNote stands out because even though it does have some of the functions of a word processing program, it does not limit users to only inserting images or typing texts in certain positions. Users can place content anywhere on the OneNote document after clicking the spot. In addition to the freeform style, OneNote also automatically saves data. The final version of a OneNote document looks like a notebook ringed binder with multiple pages that contain the information entered by collaborators.

OneNote is not confined to desktop and laptop computers. It is also available for use on tablets. Users also have the option of using third-party applications with OneNote. Data that is collected through other applications can be easily stored within a document a user creates with OneNote. There is a version available for mobile phones, and the program is included on Windows phones.