What Is Microsoft Document Inspector?

Microsoft Document Inspector is a feature within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel that allows users to search the document’s contents for text phrases and sensitive or personal information. People can use the Document Inspector to replace or remove unwanted information before the document is finalized or distributed.

The Document Inspector feature includes built-in modules that inspect documents for specific elements that may reveal personal data or information that should not be disseminated. The modules inspect headers and footers, hidden rows, columns and worksheets, invisible content and document properties, and personal information within Microsoft Excel.

People can use the Document Inspector feature to search, replace and delete unwanted information on off-slide content, presentation notes and invisible on-slide content within Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. The feature searches hidden text, invisible content, watermarks, headers and footers, and custom XML data in Microsoft Word documents. Use the Document Inspector in Microsoft Word to inspect annotations, versions, revisions and comments.

The Document Inspector feature is located in Microsoft applications under the File and Info tab. Select Check for Issues, and after the inspection is complete, a dialogue box displays the results. A Remove All button allows users to eliminate unwanted information from the document or presentation.